2006_12_gift.jpgI'm a fairly new employee in my office and I have no idea what to get for my coworkers. Any suggestions?

One of the joys of the season is the tricky situation of who do you give gifts to without looking like a suck-up, and still avoiding not leaving other people out? Offices can make it more complicated with so many people (or so few) sharing close quarters.

We have found that often, group gifts really can keep it much simpler. You can bring in homemade cookies and treats for the office or your department. 'Tis the season to eat a lot of sweets! Homemade gifts always show that you care and have put effort into showing your appreciation. You can get all sorts of recipes off of Food Network or All Recipes. Or if you are not the baking type, you could pick up a box of donuts, cupcakes, or chocolates for the office. You could also pick up gourmet popcorn.
Of the non-edible variety, you could pick out inexpensive ornaments for your coworkers at Restoration Hardware.

If you are looking for individual gifts, but for people who you do not know very well (like your boss), consider what you do know about them. Does your boss step out for a cup of coffee every day at 4pm? Get them a Starbucks card or a pound of gourmet coffee beans. Or for the tea lover, a tea set. You can find gourmet coffee/tea sets for anyone on your list at Red Envelope. For someone who loves great wine, pick up wine accessories or a bottle of wine that someone recommends to you at the wine store. For the golf lover, grab a box of golf balls - we personally love the Nike Mojo balls.

You could also pick up the latest copy of the Zagat's Guide, for people who are always out and about.