2006_03_scrawfordball.jpgWe all knew this would happen. Eventually, Larry Brown and Stephon Marbury were going to stop pretending they liked each other and openly feud. It took longer than we expected, but the fight is here. For his part, Marbury feels like he has played within Brown’s system and wants to return to his “Starbury” ways. Brown seemingly mocked his point guard before last night’s 108-96 loss by saying, “"I've never given a guard more freedom than Stephon Marbury in my life. I'm hopeful he'll step up and be Starbury."

The thing is no matter how you look at it; this will not end well for the Knicks. Brown has four years and $40 million left on his contract so it’s hard to envision him walking away. Trading Marbury may be next to impossible with his max contract and bad reputation. Getting equal value is out of the question, the Knicks would probably have to take on more overpriced contracts in return. On the bright side, only 20 games are left in the season.

Photo by Adam Pantozzi via Tozzer.net