2006_02_smikemike.jpgThe youth movement with the Jets continued yesterday as they named the 36 year-old Mike Tannenbaum as their general manager. With head coach Eric Mangini, 35, the two will form the youngest coach/GM combination in the NFL. The Redskins and Chargers could have 10 year olds as their GMs and still be older than the Jets pair. Tannenbaum, who was the senior vice president for football operations and assistant general manager, takes over for Terry Bradway, who remains with the team as a "consultant for player personnel" as he has two years left on his contract.

Tannenbaum, a Massachusetts native, went to Tulane Law and is viewed as a salary cap guru - he helped on the deal to bring Curtis Martin to the Jets in 1998. Before becoming the general manager, Tannenbaum may have played a significant role in brining Mangini to the Jets as well. The two had a history together during their first year in the NFL, both under Bill Belichick while he was the head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Time will tell if youth will be served, but it seems like associates think he's ready.

Photo from NewYorkJets.com