2005_12_sdamon.jpgThey had said it so often that you had to begin to believe it. “Bubba Crosby will be our centerfielder in 2006.” The Red Sox made a big trade, the Mets made big trades and signed Billy Wagner and nothing happened in the Bronx. It was getting too quiet.

Tuesday night the Yankees changed all of that swooping in and signing Johnny Damon, the unfrozen-caveman centerfielder, formerly of the Red Sox. Damon will get $13 million a year over the next four years and a haircut and shave.

Signing Damon gives the Yankees the centerfielder they need while they weaken their chief opponent. Hopefully, the Yankees realize that Jeter is still a better leadoff hitter, but the two of them at the top of the lineup give the Yankees their most dangerous 1-2 punch since 1998 and makes them the favorites to win the AL East again.

So, with the Yankees filling their most pressing need and the Mets clearly improved there is certainly a chance we might see them face off in the World Series again. Though considering the current situation in New York we might have to come up with a new name for that event.

Illustration via ESPN.com