To heck with the old New York or LA fight (or even the once strong NY v. SF meme), USA Today is trying to stir up some trouble by pitting our fine Capital of the World against the Second City (the capital of the Midwest?).

"Chicago magazine got into the debate in its February issue with a statistical comparison of the USA's largest cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Philadelphia. The bottom line: Chicago has more per-capita murders, burglaries and bars then NYC, cheaper homes, higher property taxes and more golf courses."

The story, as you might suspect considering city rivalries mostly exist for these kinds of stories (this post included), is pretty even and makes sure to find people who are more than willing to insult and compliment both cities (to be honest, we kind of like the idea of New York's energy being created by the "too many rats in the box theory."). But it does point out some telling differences between the two cities, like the fact that we've got more than five million more people than them, we get more than 10 million more tourists then them, and so on. On Chicago's plus side? They've got a lock on conventions. But don't get us started on the dramatically overrated CTA (they make most of your complaints about the MTA seem forgettable).

Needless to say, we're going to have to land on the pro-NYC side of this argument. Anybody beg to differ?