It's freezing outside... so I bundle up. Then I start walking the long walk to work, and I'm roasting. Help me keep warm without overheating!!

407388_9996.jpgThe trick is to layer your clothing - try several lighter layers instead of one bulky sweater. You'll still be warm but you'll be able to shed a layer as needed when you're warmed up from walking or when you get indoors. Aim for clothes that you can unzip or unbutton, like cardigans, so you can at least unbundle yourself somewhat easily while in transit. You'll want to wear natural fibers, especially wool. Here's why: According to Wikipedia, "Most of the fibre from domestic sheep has two qualities that distinguish it from hair or fur: it has scales which overlap like shingles on a roof and it is crimped... Because of the crimp, wool fabrics have a greater bulk than other textiles and retain air, which causes the product to retain heat." Not only is wool excellent at retaining heat, it's breathable - so if you wear wool, your layers will be warm yet breathable, so you shouldn't get as much of the too cold-too hot-sweating-frozen sweat cycle.

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