Kurt Warner and Eli Manning; Photo: Keith Meyers/NY Times

Giants coach Tom Coughlin is presented with a dilemma - who should be his starting quarterback? When the Giants drafted Eli Manning and cut Kerry Collins, it looked like they were eyeing the future with the young Manning "manning" the ship. Then the Giants signed free-agent Kurt Warner, apparently to start at least one season. So what gives? Will the Giants go with youth or experience.

There are reports that Eli Manning has looked good in the second mini-camp this off season, improving on his throws and his presence in huddles. When talking to the Daily News, Tiki Barber said, "Every day he's gotten better. The first day he looked like he couldn't play in high school. The second day he started to figure it out and he was more comfortable calling the plays. And as the weeks have gone on we can see he's confident. And when he is confident he throws a great ball, he knows exactly what he's doing." But when contrasting the two quarterbacks for The Times, Barber says, "Just the way Eli talks, with that drawl, it's so slow. When Kurt gets in there, it's much quicker. He exudes confidence. It is different."

If the Giants go with Manning, there is no telling how he will do. Surely, he'll view many plays from his back as defenses pressure him constantly. If he starts, does that mean the Giants are giving up on the season and writing it off as a rebuilding year? If Warner is anointed the starter, are the Giants stifling the development of Manning? And if they don't start him, why did they trade so much to get someone they thought could start right away and why didn't they want to keep Collins?

So many questions for the Giants to answer in the off season.