I've just begin seeing thus guy, and he seems great. Our chemistry is fantastic, he's gainfully employed (which I find refreshing having just dated a string of unemployed NYC men), and he's sweeter than sweet. There is something about him that bothers me, though, is that he's vegan. When we dine out, he has all of these high-maintenance food specifications, and when we eat together, I (a lifelong, fully committed carnivore) wind up feeling terribly unhealthy next to him. I'm so irked by his veganism, I'm not sure I can continue dating him. Is this absolutely ridiculous of me? Should I just be happy that I'm finally not the one paying for meals?
Hannah, Park Slope

Any time there is a significant disparity in two individuals' eating styles, it can cause one or both parties to feel disturbed. Usually we hear men complaining about how their dates don't seem to want to munch on anything but lettuce, but in your case, you're the one fully enjoying your burgers--as well you should be! Try not and let his way of eating make you feel bad about yours. You should continue to eat what you normally would, rather than something that compliments his meal but compromises your enjoyment of yours.

Perhaps you can view his dining style in such a way that you can appreciate it and learn from it some perhaps healthier ways of eating. Or you can look up some vegan restaurants (yes, they do exist!) in NYC by way of Zagat's or other restaurant guides and surprise your man with a date at a new venue for both of you. At least you know he'll pick up the tab!