Jacques Jones; Photo: Julie Jacobson/AP

In their last playoff game, the Yankees were shut out by the Florida Marlins, losing the World Series. Last night, they were shut out again. The Twins came in the Bronx and stole the first game of the series with some stellar defense. In their 2-0 win (box score), the Twins tied a post-season record by tallying five double plays on the night.

Johan Santana, who has not lost since the All-Star break, gave up nine hits in seven innings, but had plenty of defense behind him. Three of the double plays were your "standard" GIDP, one was a strike em out, throw em out, and another came on a fly ball to center with a play at the plate. Squandered opportunities by the Yankees as they left seven on base; the Twins only left four runners on base. Mike Mussina picked up his fourth loss in his fourth game one start, leading Gothamist to wonder why they bother starting him in game one of any series - oh, right, he's their best pitcher. While Mussina only allowed seven hits, the Twins were able to score with some small ball in the 3rd and a home run by Jacque Jones in the 6th inning.

Yankee historians (or people with a good memory) will recall that the Twins also took game one against the Yankees in 2003, only to lose the series in four games. Game 2 of the series is tonight at 7 pm on ESPN. Jon Lieber is scheduled to pitch against Brad Radke.

Photo by Julie Jacobson/AP