Mrs. Alex Rodriguez's fashion sense (or lack thereof) has even stirred up the emotions of a hipster brand! Neighborhoodies has created a "No, F--- You, C-Rod" shirt. (Disclosure: Neighborhoodies sells Gothamist t-shirts.) Here's the description:

Outraged by A-Rod’s wife’s use of her freedom of speech right towards our sometimes lovable third-baseman? You can now express your feelings with this hot new tee rebutting C-Rod's shirt. With the pressed words “No, Fuck You, C-Rod” in Gothic, stay cool and convey your anger through your clothing.

Now, we're not sure if hipsters know who Alex Rodriguez or Cynthia Rodriguez are, but kudos to Neighborhoodies' Michael de Zayas, who is clearly thinking about ways to expand his market. He has three nice quotes in the Post:

1) "This is a tacky shirt in response to a tacky shirt."
2) "We saw The Post, and we realized here's a shirt begging to be one-upped."
3) "It's a shame that someone would spend $70 to be so crass - when you can do it for $20 at Neighborhoodies.com."

Acknowledgment of tackiness - check. Implicit praise of the Post - check. Shamless self-promotion - check check! And our suggestion about a good graphic: Derek Jeter's head - there are tons of possibilities with his Kid 'n Play hair.

Still, the Neighborhoodies shirt isn't safe-for-Yankees-Stadium. Maybe Neighborhoodies can include blank labels so customers can bleep it out.