2006_02_sfrancissanantonio.jpgSteve Francis is obviously a quick learner; after only two games with the Knicks he is already trying to leave the team. Francis almost missed last night’s 121-93 loss apparently because his daughter was sick. The Knicks had given permission for Francis to go home after Saturday’s game to collect some belongings, but Francis wanted to extend his absence and called the team Monday morning to say he wouldn’t make the game. A plane was chartered (it’s not clear who paid for it) and Francis arrived at the arena 55 minutes before the game.

Why would the Knicks allow a guy who isn’t familiar with their offensive and defensive sets to leave the team to collect some belongings? Since he earns almost $15 million a year, couldn’t he pay someone to send them to him? It’s just another example of how lost this team is and how deep the leadership void is. Jim Dolan is making his annual road trip with the team this week. He watched last night’s debacle in person and will go to Memphis for tomorrow night’s game. Maybe along the way he will notice that this team is sinking to new depths nightly.

Photo by AP/Bob Owen via YAHOO