Randall Simon and the batting of the Italian sausage

Gothamist loves covering food, but this is really bizarre: What to make of the so-called "Sausage incident" in major league baseball? The Milwauke Brewers sevening inning stretch entertainment involves a four sausage race inside Miller Park. Huh? Yes, a hot dog, a bratwurst, a Polish sausage and an Italian sausage race each other to the delight of baseball fans. But during a game between the Brewers and Pittsburgh Pirates, the Pirates first baseman Randall Simon "half" swung his bat at the Italian sausage, who fell and took the hot dog with her. Simon was arrested (but charges were later dropped to disorderly conduct), the Brewers were outraged, and the Italian sausage felt the whole thing was overblown and that Simon didn't mean any harm. Gothamist can only say that it's a good thing that (a) NY doesn't have such an insane activity (though you never know what Steinbrenner will do...wait, we do have Mr. Met) because (b) New Yorkers would have spilled onto the field, demanding to know what Simon had against Italians and then (c) the tabloids would never stop talking about it.

The Times has a slide show of grainy videotape footage, showing with better-than-Zapruder quality the incident. ESPN has a police report about the matter. Joe Saraceno of USA Today thinks the Brewers overreacted and that Simon wouldn't have been treated so harshly if he were a star player.

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