Roger Clemens; Photo: Pat Sullivan/AP

Almost three months after un-retiring and joining the Astros, Roger Clemens is living it up in Texas. In his seven starts, Clemens is 7-0, has a scant 1.99 ERA, and has only given up 11 runs on 29 hits. That's an average of 4 hits an appearance! Gothamist is sitting at our desk marveling at what this 41 year-old is doing. Sure, he's in a new league, facing hitters that have never seen his stuff before, but still...4 hits a game! Insanity, we say, insanity!! No matter what you think of him, Yankee fan, Red Sox fan, Mike Piazza, you have to be impressed by those numbers. Several Yankees still keep in touch with Clemens and some marvel at his performance thus far. Willie Randolph said:

"I'm maybe a little bit surprised that he's 7-0, but not much. I knew he'd be in good shape and be pumped up in his hometown. Changing leagues, the pitcher has the upper hand, especially the type of pitcher he is - who studies the hitters, who knows what he's doing. He's a freak of nature. People say a power pitcher can never adjust when he gets older, but he can pitch to spots because he's got great control. And who's to say he won't keep throwing 95, 96 miles per hour."

Pitching like this will get him the start for the All Star game on July 13th, which happens to be in Houston. If that happens, it's possible that The Rocket's battery mate will be Mike Piazza. This Sunday, Clemens is actually scheduled to pitch against the Mets, which will be his second against the Mets since 2000. During that season, Clemens beaned Piazza in the Subway Series and threw a bat towards him in the World Series. In the first game after those incidents, Shawn Estes tried to hit Clemens, but ended up throwing the ball behind him. Few Mets remain on the team from the 2000 season, so the Clemens/Mets match-up probably won't be a big deal, but that doesn't mean we can't hype it, right?