Yankees/Sox; Image: Boston.com

This weekend brings us the first meeting this season of the Yankees and the Red Sox, in a four game series that any baseball fan can enjoy. The two teams have not met since last October when Aaron Boone ended the ALCS with a home run and when there was an incident between Don Zimmer and Pedro Martinez. Boone and Zimmer are gone, and Martinez is not scheduled to pitch, but the rivalry has only heated up since. During the off season, the Red Sox signed Curt Schilling and tried to trade for Alex Rodriguez, who was eventually acquired by the Yankees, making him the new person to hate.

Scheduled pitching match-ups are Javier Vazquez/Tim Wakefield for tonight's game, Mike Mussina/Curt Schilling tomorrow afternoon, Jose Contreras/Derek Lowe on Sunday afternoon, and Kevin Brown/Bronson Arroyo on Monday morning. After this weekend, the two teams will meet 15 more times, including a three game series next weekend and Yankee Stadium.