2006_04_sknickslogo.jpgTomorrow night is the NBA Draft and Gothamist thought it would be a good time to check in with “Mr. Orange”, operator of selltheknicks.com, a site attempting to force Jim Dolan to sell the team to competent ownership. When Dolan isn’t being defended by his daddy, or finally setting a deadline for Isiah to stop destroying the Knicks (after the upcoming season) he has dispatched his legal team against Mr. Orange. Despite that, the site is alive and well and planning for a big night tomorrow.

Things will get started at 3:30 at the Mercury Bar before assembling at 46th and Ninth at 5:15 to march on MSG. Mr. Orange hopes to get 300 people to purchase tickets to the draft and head inside, wearing anti-Dolan t-shirts and chanting anti-Dolan slogans. They have worked with the NYPD’s Community Affairs Department to make sure everything is legal.

For those of you who are upset with the direction the Knicks are headed, this is a wonderful opportunity to make your voice heard. There will be plenty of television cameras in the Garden and as Mr. Orange says, “It's not enough to just e-mail me your support, everyone needs to show their face.”

Getting rid of Dolan is the only way this team will probably ever get better. How can he sit there yesterday and discuss firing Larry Brown with Isiah at his side? Sure, he talked tough about how Isiah has to show “measurable” progress, but for $125 million, shouldn’t a playoff spot be the absolute minimum for Thomas to keep his job? The Knicks won 23 games last season, so if Isiah comes in and coaches them to 32 wins does he keep his job?