Carlos Delgado; Photo: Aaron Harris/AP

Looks like the Mets didn't quite get it. It being Carlos Delgado, the first "big ticket" free agent that they didn't land in this busy off season. The former 1st baseman from the Blue Jays is heading south for the Florida Marlins. He signed with the Marlins for 4-years and $52 million, which was what the Mets also offered. The difference? Delgado thought the Marlins had a better chance to win the World Series.

The Mets finished 12 games behind the Marlins last year, has made several off season moves, and is still considered less of a contender than the Marlins? Ouch. The Mets also were reported to have offered usage of a luxury box, a hotel suite on the road, and a better bonus package. But looking at money alone, Delgado stands to take home much more in Florida since there is no state income tax. Then again, the Marlins did win the World Series in 2003, so maybe Delgado has a valid reason.

So, where do the Mets turn now for their needs at first base? John Olerud? Doug Mientkiewicz, who is rumored to be on his way to the Mets? At least we know they won't be doing that whole Piazza at first thing. Hopefully, the Mets and their fans don't get burnt too bad with Delgado in the NL East. Jayson Stark of ESPN believes that the Marlins might now be the team to beat in the National League, not just the NL East.

Photo by Aaron Harris/AP via Florida Marlins/