2006_07_metsyankees.gifNot as fun as sabermetrics, but still fun: Quinnipiac University conducted a poll asking New Yorkers about their NYC basebal loyalties. Not surprisingly, the Yankees are favored over the Mets - 46% of New Yorkers would want the Yanks to win a Subway World Series, whereas only 37% would want the Mets to win (we assume the remaining 17% are people who think a subway series involves actual subway cars or who don't want a ticker tape parade) - but what is surprising is that gap has narrowed since 1998, when the Yankees were preferred by 32%. Quinnipiac also asked questions like "Do you consider yourself a Yankees/Mets fan?" and also broke down the findings by borough - Yankees fans take the majority in all boroughs except Queens. The NY Sun's Tim Marchman looks at how many fans follow their teams through TV coverage - and how the Yankees' announcer Michael Kay stinks.

And while we're talking about Yankees fans, they are certainly out for blood when it comes to A-Rod. While Alex Rodriguez may not be a clutch player (and may have bad games), he produces - and has great stats - yet the fans still boo him mercilessly. Ah, the mysterious relationship between fans and A-Rod! We think the booing will continue until A-Rod produces some sort of miracle bottom-of-the-9th grand slam during the Division Championship or, better, yet the World Series, MVP or not. Till then, A-Rod will have to keep on dealing and the Post will keeping calling him a "head case". [Related: Sally Tomato was at last night's Yankees-Mariners game and give the rundown on seeing a game during a hot sweaty night.]