2006_04_sknickslogo.jpgThe 2005-06 Knicks’ season will go down as the worst in team history. For approximately $125 million New York finished with the second-worst record in the league and embarrassed themselves and the franchise almost nightly. The coach fought with the players, the players quit on the coach and the GM got accused of sexual harassment.

The next few months will be very interesting ones around Madison Square Garden. We know that Isiah and Larry will be back, but how many of the players will return? The Knicks need to trade either Stephon Marbury or Steve Francis, but will they find any takers? Jalen Rose and Maurice Taylor have expiring contracts; so expect them to be shopped.

While the personnel will change, Gothamist doesn’t think this team can truly rebuild until a different coach and GM are running things. Isiah Thomas has put the Knicks over the salary cap for the rest of the decade and built a roster of malcontents. Instead of improving the team, Larry Brown tore it apart by failing to set a rotation and with his constant sniping in the press. These two should be run out of town, but Jim Dolan seems content with keeping them employed.

Turning this franchise around will not be easy. The Bulls have the Knicks’ draft pick for this year and the option to swap picks with New York next year. They will have two picks near the end of the first round this year and hopefully can get another piece to build around, but at this point winning 30 games next season may be a stretch. At least we don’t have to watch another game for six months.