Cracker Jack; Photo: Tien Mao

Seventh inning stretches will never be the same. On Wednesday, Yankee spokesman Jason Zillo announced that the Yankees would no longer sell Cracker Jacks at the House That Ruth Built, replacing the snack immortalized in Take Me Out To The Ballgame with Crunch 'n Munch. Zillo explained that the switch was made because Crunch 'n Munch “tastes better”, but David Bernstein, Yankee Stadium's director of hospitality, told The Times that the move was prompted by Cracker Jack's decision to make only bags, not boxes, of its snack. "Bags break open and don't sell as well," said Mr. Bernstein.

Baseball purists are crying foul, but Yankees' chief operating officer Lonn Trost will hear nothing of it. "Cracker Jack is just a brand name," he said. "We're selling a caramel crunch that is the same thing as Cracker Jack. It's the same difference as Frigidaire versus refrigerator, or aspirin and Bayer, or Jell-O and gelatin." OK then…

But fear not true believers, the Yanks haven’t ruled out switching back. Charles Nicolas, a spokesman for Cracker Jack's parent company, Frito Lay, hopes it happens. "Baseball historians would say Cracker Jack and the Yankees belong together," Nicolas said.

Until then, Gothamist will have to travel to Queens and take in a Mets game to get our Cracker Jack, just like Tien did last night.