Marv Albert; Photo: AP

We posted a few days ago that Marv Albert was out as the Knicks play-by-play broadcaster. What has transpired in the last few days since then has created an intense debate in the New York sports landscape. Gothamist is here to catch you up to speed.

WFAN was first to report the departure of Marv Albert, they also reported that as soon as the negotiations had started to breakdown with Marv and the Garden. Marv called the YES network to position himself for the Nets play-by-play broadcasting job. The position is currently held by Ian Eagle, who has been doing play by play for the Nets for the past 6 years.

This started a series of debates that have polluted the New York airwaves and clogged the pages of most sports sections. Why was Marv Albert let go? He was the voice of the New York Knicks, how could Cabelvision ad Jim Dolan get rid of him. The two reasons: he cost too much and he was too critical of his home team. There was an instant divide created amongst the local media. Pro-marv and Anti-Marv.

This is where the plot starts to thicken. A few years ago John Sterling, the Yankees radio broadcaster, asked for the same position and was met with stern criticism from every media outlet in New York. Phil Mushnick of the New York post, who is always looking for a way to take a shot at Sterling was quick to point out that what Sterling was doing was wrong. You would have thought the same thing would have happened to Marv, but it did not. He was given a free pass. In fact his most recent post clearly defends Marv Albert, not for trying to take Ian Eagles job, but defending that he should not have been fired. People were saying that he had a right to work and in this sort of business he should be able to go after any position he wants. Others were saying that this is true, but Marv is far from unemployed. He is the voice of TNT basketball, his first job and he also works for Westwood One. So this Nets position would only give him 35-40 games a year and kick out Ian Eagle.

Marv's most critical objectors have been Mike Francesa and Chris "Mad Dog" Russo, of the Mike and the Mad Dog show, who have spent the last two days voicing their opinion on the matter and letting everyone know that Marv should be ashamed of himself for trying to steal Ian's job. They have also taken shots at guys like Phil Mushnick from the New York Post, who was extremely critical of John Sterling and has taken a pass at the Marv Albert situation, which is essentially the same thing.

When Marv was questioned whether or not he made the initial contact with YES, he only had this to say, "It did not play out that way," Albert said, "and that's all I can say about it, for now." However, YES confirmed that Marv had "reached out" to them first, to ask for Ian's position. So where does that leave Marv and Ian? So far YES has not offered him a position and has confirmed that Ian is still there man. Marv has also checked into the Los Angeles Lakers, to see if they are willing to meet his price. So far, the only thing that is certain is that they has been a lot of bad blood spilled over this. Only time can tell what will happen, but when we learn more, we will be sure to fill you in.