2005_11_5_marathon_map.jpgTomorrow, in case you had forgotten, is the ING New York City Marathon. And considering that the forecast is for a beautiful, slightly overcast, day in the high 60s, we fully expect you to go out and cheer on the runners (or, if that isn't your thing, at least know where the whole thing is so you can avoid it). Hence the map to your left. Can't read it clearly enough? Download the pdf. Don't like that map? The marathon website has plenty of different ways for you to figure out where the runners will be.

Don't think you are going to want to get out of bed to go and watch the marathoners? Then you can always watch it on NBC from 9 A.M. to 2 P.M.. Don't even think you'll want to watch it on TV but might be interested in live web coverage? Uhm, sad, but they'll have that for you over at the Marathon homepage.

"OK," you say, "fine, the marathon is tomorrow. But what about now? Is there anything going on tonight that I can do that relates to the Marathon?" Why yes. There is an event being held for the runners at Tavern on the Green that is going to have some crazy fireworks at 7:30. So, y'know, if you want to go revel with the runners before the marathon and maybe catch some fireworks to boot, that's the place to be.

And there was something else we wanted to remind you about tomorrows Marathon... what was it... Oh, yeah, if you are going to go and cheer on the runners (which on such a beautiful day you really should, assuming you yourself aren't running) we recommend you bring along some tea or water since if you do it right you should be shouting like crazy!