Close your eyes for a moment (Crap, I guess this doesn’t work as well in print – maybe have a friend/co-worker with a soothing yet textured voice read the first paragraph to you). Ok, now imagine a magical land where each place you went, greeted you with a frosty beverage. Turn right and there’s a fine crafted, small production stout, straight ahead a zesty, refreshing Hefeweizen and perhaps a nutty, spicy ale and behind you, well most likely a line of people waiting for you to make a decision (people get antsy when beer is involved). As you walk through this magical land of beer salty snacks are scattered like clovers, refreshing your palate and prepping it for its next destination. Just over the hill are clusters of IPA’s so good you’re almost hesitant to move on but the glistening lights reflected off of Lager lake beckon you for a quick dip. Ok, now open your eyes. We bet you’re pretty thirsty, aye? Yeah, us too. Good thing Brewtopia is only a few weeks away.

The Great World Beer Festival: Brewtopia, to be held on October 20th -21st, is as close to this magical land as you can get in New York City (perhaps aside from the Astoria Beer Garden, which is magical AND has homemade perogies). This festival, located in the Jacob Javitz Convention Center is the biggest international beer tasting event ever held in the history of New York City (400+ beers). We are looking forward to tasting the unique, small production beers that don’t take themselves too seriously but can easily blow your socks with one tiny sip. Some of the beers that we will be trying are: Harviestoun Old Engine Oil Special Reserve, Belhaven:Twisted Thistle, Pumpkin Ale, Hazed and Infused and Captain’s Reserve Imperial IPA. For the full list click here.

Tickets to Brewtopia are available online for $60, or save the $5 processing fee and buy them directly at either Hop Devil Grill, 129 St. Marks Place @ Avenue A or David Copperfield’s at 1394 York Street @ 74th Street (cash only). The magical land of beer doesn’t have to be a figment of your imagination. But unfortunately, until October 20th roles around dreaming will have to do.