2006_03_smarchmadness.jpgIt is an annual right of spring; “Selection Sunday” gives way to “Moaning Monday”, a chance for the teams who didn’t make the NCAA Tournament to complain. Florida State, Michigan, Cincinnati and Maryland are all grumbling today after not being invited to the big dance.

Locally, Hofstra certainly has a lot to complain about. They had the 30th RPI in the country and beat George Mason, a team that made the tournament, twice. Hofstra’a exclusion becomes even more mystifying when you consider that Air Force, a team with an identical record and a RPI rating 20 spots below theirs, made the tourney.

While area fans will not have Hofstra to root for, several local teams did make the tourney. Seton Hall is a #10 seed and faces Wichita State on Thursday. Iona is a #13 seed and plays LSU on Thursday. Meanwhile, Monmouth has been placed into the “Opening Round” game and faces Hampton Tuesday night for the right to get destroyed by Villanova on Friday. So grab your bracket and a pen and start picking your Final Four.