2006_03_sknicksloss.jpgInstead of watching the actual game, Gothamist advises Knicks’ fans to just watch Larry Brown’s press conference after it. Once again Brown ripped into to his team for a poor defensive effort, allowing Boston to shoot 57% from the field on route to a 123-98 loss that wasn’t even that close.

Brown reached a conclusion that fans have known for months when he said, “We can’t guard anybody,” but it was an opponent who summed up the state of the Knicks the best. Paul Pierce said, “"You could tell this is a team that's ready to get the season over. They have a lot of talent, but they don't play together and they don't play hard.”

His words are harsh, but also very true. The problem is; how do you fix that? It has become apparent that the players are sick and tired of being flogged by Brown, so you need either a new coach or new players. As much as it disgusts Gothamist to say so, the easier path is getting a new coach. Either way, this franchise needs an overhaul and its’ remaining fans will need to see proof of that before investing their interest next year.

Photo by Adam Pantozzi via Tozzer.net