2006_04_sknickslogo.jpg-Knicks 98 Memphis 90: If you didn’t decide to snap up some low-priced tickets to the Garden tonight, you actually missed something. The Knicks won for only the second time at home behind another impressive performance from Eddy Curry. Curry was 9-13 from the field and added 15 rebounds to his 26 points and was only stopped by the refs when he fouled out.

Curry wasn’t the only hero, as David Lee had a great game with 20 points and 11 rebounds. While Lee probably profiles as an “off the bench” guy on a good team, he provides this team with energy and hustle, something they usually are lacking.

The Knicks have Washington, Milwaukee, Boston and Atlanta on the upcoming schedule, so they could use this as the start of a nice winning streak. Then again, with this team, we know to keep the expectations low.

-Schiano will stay at Rutgers: Scarlet Knight fans should rejoice. Your coach is not going to Miami and seems committed to making Rutgers even better; at least until Joe Paterno retires.