Cracker Jack; Photo: Tien Mao

All is well in the sports universe again (argue amongst yourself if they were ever well with the Yankees), for Cracker Jack has returned to Yankee Stadium. Cracker Jack was replaced for Crunch 'n Munch last month, but after fan complaints, the Yankees decided to change their mind. Yankees COO, Lonn Trost said, "The fans have spoken." Nice to see the fans still have a voice. Cracker Jack is sold in all Major League ballparks except two, the SkyDome and Olympic Stadium, both in Canada. It would have been a travesty if Yankee Stadium remained on that list.

Of course, Gothamist had to go out and buy a bag of Cracker Jack because all this talk of it made us jones for it. Now, we have a huge sugar rush going, our right hand is all sticky, and we've gotten a nice stick onto our keyboard and mouse too. Where is that IT department when you need it?

On a side note, what ever happened to the great Cracker Jack prizes. In the bag we just opened, the prize is a "Big Dogs Prized Pet Contest Winner" sticker. Now, Gothamist loves our animals, but come on! FritoLay, you can do better than a sticker! If you're going to give us a prize involving a pet, can't you just cram the puppy into the bag of Cracker Jack? If not, how about some better prizes. What happened to those rings, cool stickers, a hologram, anything we might keep if we actually won it. Not these silly stickers. Like a fortune cookie's fortune is no longer a fortune, Cracker Jack's prizes are no longer prizes. They should take that prize out of Sailor Jack's hands on the packaging.