We at Gothamist have some apologies to make. We told you that the Giants would win and that they would cover the nine point spread. We were wrong, horribly wrong. The Bears took advantage of numerous Giants miscues and hung a brutal 28-21 loss on the Giants at the Meadowlands yesterday. We also talked some trash to a reader from Chicago which, in retrospect, we probably should not have done.

This Giants team is beyond frustrating. After losing to a mediocre Lions team at home, the Giants destroyed the Vikings on the road and then proceeded to lose to one of the worst teams in the league back at home. The Bears lulled the Giants into playing down to their level in the first half after the Giants had taken a 14-0 lead. Then in one six minute stretch during the end of the second quarter the Bears forced three straight turnovers (all via quarterback Kurt Warner) and took control of the game for good. Oh and Michael Strahan and bunch of other key Giants suffered injuries as well. So at least the Giants fan has that going for them.

If you are a Giants fan who also roots for the Yankees and Knicks and voted for Kerry in the election, we feel your pain. This has been an absolutely brutal month. All we can say is at least you don't root for the Miami Hurricanes as well (this writer does). Just a brutal month. At least we have the Rangers. Thank god for that.

Photo by AP Photo/Bill Kostroun