Jason Giambi; Image: The Topps Company

Will Jason Giambi ever regain his form of 2001? Will the Yankees add a much needed pitcher? Will George Steinbrenner give us another one of his famous missives? The next 6 days will answer some of those questions as the Yankees dig in for the battle against Boston, and attempt to fend of the Mets, this time at Shea Stadium.

Freddy Garcia, once a player named in trade speculation, is gone. The Mariners said that Dioner Navarro and Robinson Chano were just not enough for him, so they traded him to the White Sox. Who does that leave for the Yankees to go after? Kris Benson, Russ Ortiz, Ted Lilly and Jamie Moyer are some of the names that rumored to be available. The big name out there is Randy Johnson. With Arizona falling further and further behind in the race in NL, all eyes are on the Big Unit.

The Yankees pitching has been a problem but no one can question the Yankee offense. Maybe this is why the boss is going Giambi a bit of a pass. Things haven't been easy for Giambi since his arrival in the Bronx. Not only has his play been questioned, but now there are questions of steroids. Many people are attributing his ailing knees to steroid usage. Will he ever recover, or will he only be a DH for the rest of his Yankee career? Only time can tell, but knee injuries don't go away

This is Steinbrenner's time of year. He and his baseball cronies down in Tampa are going to be trying to do something to bring a pitcher to The Bronx. The Yankees usually fire first, which is why the Beltran and Garcia trades are such shocks. Normally, trades like that are Yankee moves; now Cashman and Steinbrenner need to address their holes and do it quickly before Boston makes their move.