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If you worship the sun, but can’t handle the Hamptons don’t want to haul an overstuffed beach bag on the F train to Coney Island, one of these old school beach clubs might be a perfect fit. Share a cabana with friends or rent a locker for the season--either get you access to these private clubs, where you can order drinks from a cabana boy while relaxing on a lounge chair. Although they open for the season in May, you can sign up now or make an appointment to tour the clubs.

Silver Gull: The classic 1984 film The Flamingo Kid, starring Matt Dillion as a gin rummy playing cabana boy, was filmed at this Breezy Point beach club. The beachfront club has evening entertainment, a variety of spa services, a Jacuzzi, and a Tiki bar, amongst other amenities. Rates range from $510-$4,675.

The Sea Gate Beach Club, before it opened last season

Seagate Beach Club: Housed in Seagate, a private gated community in Brooklyn, you can spend the day poolside or sunning yourself in the sand. Other activities include an annual pie eating contest and Tae Kwon Do on the beach. Rates range from $595-5095.

Clearwater: This family friendly Long Island beach club, located twenty five minutes from Queens, has story time on Sundays and a baby pool. It also boasts free washer/dryer service. While you’re drying your swimming trunks, have a drink at the club’s bar or dine at the restaurant. (Call 516-239-5511 for rates)

Catalina: The art-deco style at this Long Island beach club will make you feel as if you were spending the summer in a bygone era. The club also has many amenities including tennis courts, yoga classes, day spa, and an Olympic sized pool. Rates range from $2,495-$12,000.

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