Okay, so pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring Training probably isn't the most exciting thing in the world, but it's welcome news to Gothamist. With the Knicks in contention for 4th place in their division, no football, and the NHL season on the brink of cancellation, baseball looks like the only sports news in town until football resumes later this year. Right now, we'll take what we can get. The pitchers and catchers reported for the Yankees yesterday and the Mets report today.

Both teams have made improvements and there is excitement in the ranks. The Yankees added Randy Johnson, a deal that was almost a year in the making. Does this make them the team to beat? Perhaps, but they are always the team to beat and haven't won the World Series since 2000. Not good for a team with a payroll north of $200 million.

The Mets went out and signed Carlos Beltran, the most coveted free agent in the majors in a busy, busy off season. A new manager in Willie Randolph, signing Pedro "Old Man" Martinez, and missing out on Carlos Delgado. In the end, the one player they didn't sign could be what comes back to haunt the Mets. Then again, Mets fans know that excitement can quickly turn into last place and eliminated from contention very quickly.

With Spring in the air yesterday, we look forward to baseball with hope. We welcome it, the ups, the downs, and all 162 games with open arms. As far as the drugs, the testing and the scandal, we'll take those in stride. The countdown to April 3rd at 8:05 PM has begun.

Snowglobe from the NY Public Library store