2006_10_stikifox.jpgLooks like the Giants will need to find a new running back for the 2007 NFL season. Yesterday, Tiki Barber indicated to the media that he is strongly considering retirement after this season. He certainly will have lots of opportunities off the field, Barber besides appearing in numerous commercials hosts a show on Sirius Radio and contributes to one on Fox News. He indicated that he would like to host a news show one day, perhaps he can help out CBS?

It is rare indeed to see an athlete who wants to retire before his skills erode, Barry Sanders is probably the last one to do so, but Tiki’s timing has to be questioned. The Giants are finally rounding into form after a disastrous start and for a team with Super Bowl aspirations, to hear that their starting running back doesn’t mind leaving the game without a Super Bowl ring is disheartening.

No one will begrudge Tiki if he does hang it up after the year, he has done nothing but represent the Giants with class and dignity on and off the field, but save the announcement for February, after you win the Super Bowl!

Photo of Tiki Barber at the Fox News Channel's 10th Anniversary Party by Matthew Krautheim on flickr