2006_10_sgiantsredskins.gifIs there anyone out there who thinks the Giants will win tomorrow night? After quitting last week against New Orleans? After playing the way they have during the second half of the season? Without a healthy Jeremy Shockey? No, it doesn’t seem that this team has a victory in them and that’s a shame because tomorrow’s game means a lot.

First and foremost, it means a playoff spot. If the Giants win, they would be in the playoffs. (Green Bay could tie them, but New York would win the strength of victory tiebreaker.)

Unless they make the playoffs, tomorrow’s game is also Tiki Barber’s last one as a Giant. It is hard to like the way Tiki handled his whole retirement, but he has been one of the best to ever put on the blue and white. Now, it certainly looks like his career will end without one last run into the playoffs.

Maybe the Giants can snap out of it and give Tiki one last shot and save Tom Coughlin’s job. Coughlin certainly realized he was in trouble this week and “reassigned” (a nice word for fired) his offensive coordinator, but it all seems like too little too late. Washington wins big.