MTA's bidding process be damned, the NY Times reports that the NFL is going to name New York City's non-existent West Side Stadium the site of the 2010 Super Bowl. Realizing that just because the Mayor and Jets organization are blustering behind it, the NFL is hedging bets by making NYC a conditional Super Bowl site contingent on having a West Side Stadium construction by 2009.

"For our club owners, the idea of a Super Bowl in a domed stadium in New York is a no-brainer," said Joe Browne, the N.F.L.'s vice president of communications and public affairs.

It's funny, Gothamist mis-read "domed" for "doomed" and had a good laugh until our vision cleared up. Gothamist doubts the NFL would want the Super Bowl in the West Side Stadium if it's in Queens, because, well, it won't be the West Side Stadium anymore. And besides being domed, the stadium has an ugly veil. Still, this would be a powerful thing for Mayor Bloomberg et al. to tell constituents they could have a Super Bowl; they might not want the Olympics, but they could very well want the Big Game (the strip club sector would be thrilled).