The Yankees owe a lot of things to Bernie Williams for his great play the past 16 years, but they do not owe him a roster spot for 2007. Bernie can no longer play defense and his offense has eroded to the point that he is only viable against left-handed pitching.

But, the Yankees still invited him to camp and instead of accepting or declining, Bernie has gone into hiding. Joe Torre and Jorge Posada have made unreturned phone calls to him and with the first workout for position players today, the time has come for Bernie to end the circus and either show up or move on.

The Bernie watch is nothing compared to the saga that is A-Rod. Alex Rodriguez finally admitted yesterday that he is no longer a close friend of Derek Jeter’s. And we thought all those glares and frosty high-fives were signs of two guys who got along. Then again, A-Rod has a different way of measuring friendship than most 31-year old males: "You go from sleeping over at somebody's house five days a week and now you don't sleep over," Rodriguez said. "It's not that big of a deal."

Is anyone on the Yankees interested in hosting a slumber party? Alex is known to be neat and brings his own Armani pajamas. Furthermore, A-Rod doesn’t feel that he needs any help from Jeter with the fans: "I am a big boy. I am 31 and I should be able to help myself out there."

You may be a big boy, but you have spent the last three seasons looking as comfortable at Yankee Stadium as a long-tailed cat in a rocking chair factory. Maybe the next step is to admit that the fans don’t love you to?

Then again, this could all be over after 2007 because Alex can opt out of his deal after this season (he says he won't) and unless the Yankees win it all, you can expect him to do so. Of course, expect to hear about how much he loves the Yankees until that day arrives.

Update: Derek Jeter told the media this morning that his relationship with A-Rod has changed, but that it "doesn't make a difference." Jeter refused to discuss his personal friendship with Rodriguez and insists that he supports the Yankee third-baseman.