2007_05_bradyyankee.jpgHow do you get Boston Red Sox fans in a tizzy? Well, being a Yankee fan seems to do the trick. We have to wonder how those in Beantown feel about New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady wearing a Yankees hat. That's what Brady was caught doing yesterday in the West Village with his girlfriend, Gisele Bundchen. If we were Red Sox fans, we wouldn't get our panties in a bunch just yet. Think logically - the best way to not get attention in New York would be to wear the hat of a local team.

Brady obviously can't wear the hat of the Giants or Jets, although both could use a championship quarterback. He could have gone with a Mets hat, but they're in first. No bandwagon climbing for Brady. Plus the Mets have too many hats to choose from. Maybe he's just friends with Derek Jeter, who frequents the sidelines of Brady's alma matter, the University of Michigan (where Jeter was set to attend with a baseball scholarship).

Or maybe, just maybe, Brady really is a closet Yankees fan. No matter what his allegiances, Gothamist assumes that Patriots will still love their three-time Super Bowl Champion and two-time Super Bowl MVP.