If it's a player with an ounce of a talent that's having some issues of contract renewals with his ball club, then the Yankees must be invoked. The latest instance of "Scare the pants off the management by mentioning the Yanks" is with hirsute Red Sox player, Johnny Damon. Unhappy with the way his contract negotiations are going, Damon said that he'd be happy to entertain offers from the Yankees. Nice. It seems that once the Yankees are involved, a player's asking price can rise considerably. And when the Yankees are involved, the Red Sox tend to get entangled by default. The only other team that has been helpful in giving players salary leverage is the Mets, which is understandable - it's expensive to live in New York City! Anyway, about Damon coming to the Yankees, we think they need more pitching.

So far, the Yankees have been quiet this off-season - quiet like a sleeping giant. We can't imagine Johnny Damon would be that into cutting his hair, but he did do an episode of Queer Eye.