2005_07_sjohnson.jpgMaybe all Randy Johnson needed was to be angry when he pitched. He came to New York and angrily pushed a cameraman. After that day in February, the Randy Johnson of 2004 seemed to disappear and a mediocre forty-one year old pitcher took his place. This week, Randy Johnson got angry again and the results were impressive. Johnson flirted with a no-hitter and stuck out eleven batters Tuesday night as the Yankees beat the Twins 4-0.

If Johnson has indeed returned to the form that prompted the Yankees to trade for him, it will make things better in the Bronx, but only slightly. Even with Johnson and Mussina, the Yankees will be forced to piece together a rotation again this week as Kevin Brown’s back and Carl Pavano’s shoulder will not allow them to pitch this week so Aaron Small and the infamous “TBD” will take their places. The Yankees are so desperate for pitching right now that there are rumors that Hideo Nomo who went 5-8 with a 7.24 ERA for the Devil Rays this year might be added to the mix.

Despite their lack of a pitching rotation, the Yankees are amazingly only one game out of first place. The trading deadline is just four days away and you can be sure that the Yankees will be active participants.

Photo by Gregory Bull/AP via ESPN