2006_09_smrswright.jpgDon't look now, but New York has the two best baseball teams in the Major Leagues. While the Yankees have only recently moved to the top of the American League, the Mets have been cruising atop the National League for a nice period and are currently the best team, record wise, in all of baseball. With the team's success this season more casual baseball fans are now more inclined to cheer for the Mets, which The Times reported on in a Sunday Styles article. While a die-hard Mets fan may frown upon these "fair weather" fans, there is a significant impact to the increased Mets following.

From The Times article:

- David Wright t-shirts now outsell Derek Jeter ones
- At Modell's (people still go to Mo's?), sales Mets and Yankees gear have been even, with the Mets ahead 60-40 in some weeks. The Yankees outsold the Mets 80-20 for the last 10 years
- The Yankees still outdraw the Mets in attendance and viewers on TV

As we near the end of the baseball season and move into the playoffs, is there a better way to test the allegiances of these Mets fans than with a Subway Series? Hopefully, not with the same results as 2000. Then again, these new fans were probably Yankee fans that year.

Image of "Looking for Mr. Wright" shirt on MLB.com, because who isn't looking for Mr. Wright