Unless you're totally oblivious, you might have realized that the Super Bowl is this Sunday. The Philadelphia Eagles finally got past the NFC Championship game take on the New England Patriots. Gothamist is totally flummoxed as to which team to pull for. The Patriots and the Eagles are both rivals of our local football teams, which have not come close to sniffing the Super Bowl since 2001 when the Giants were embarrassed by the Ravens.

For the betting man, the Patriots are favored by seven points. Gothamist hasn't had much luck gambling this year, so we won't be wagering any money this year. That said, it's hard not to think the Patriots will win it again. The most dangerous player on the Eagles, Terrell Owens, is hobbled by a bad ankle, while the Patriots seem to be unstoppable in the playoffs.

Kickoff is around 6:30 eastern, and half time will feature a performance by Paul McCartney, hopefully without a nipple slip. Who do you like to win the game?