2005_12_snowglobenyc.gif When we first saw this snowglobe, we thought it was cute and kitschy-- a throwback to the classic imported Chinese snowglobes of the late-1990s. Then we realized that it had a little plastic bag floating around with the snow! Genius:

Winter in New York City: the wind rushing between the buildings swirls the snow -- and sometimes a bit of litter as well, for example, a plastic shopping bag. With the I Love NY Snow Globe you can experience this city sight in the comfort of your own home. It takes a classic souvenir form, adds a touch of uncompromising reality, and wryly conveys the idea that, all things considered, we'd rather be in New York City.

A bargain at $20. Ok, snowglobes not your style? What about some amazing juggling accessories from Dube on Broadway? They've got whips and unicycles!