Livan Hernandez; Photo: Paul Chiasson/AP

As if the Mets weren't bad enough, it almost seems like they are trying to be worse. The Mets are now one solitary game away from a tie for last in the NL East. The way the Expos have been playing, expect the Mets to have sole possession of the cellar title after Thursday. And if they aren't quite there yet, they still have three games in Atlanta and three more at home to wrap up the season against the Expos.

Last night, the Mets faced Livan Hernandez and managed only six hits. One of those hits was Mike Piazza's 20th home run of the season and was the Mets only run as they went on to lose 6-1 (box score). Al Leiter picked up his fourth loss in a row and his 8th of the season.

While the Mets may be bad, they are hardly irrelevant. They have a weekend series with the Cubs, which could influence the NL Wild Card race. With the Cubs and the Giants in a dead heat over the Wild Card, Gothamist wonders if the Mets will just roll over or if they will try to make an impact on the post-season by winning a few games.