Mark Messier

Gothamist's heart still flutters when we think about the New York Rangers winning the Stanley Cup ten years ago today. The Daily News revisits that sweet day and also reveals where members of the 93-94 team are today (Esa Tikkanen, whose toothless visage and cheery broken English we remember, is a clothing entrepreneur in Finland!). The NY Rangers also look back on that monumental day, which heralded a ticker tape parade and reason for hockey fans to get drunk in the middle of the day and scare other subway passengers. But all this fanfare about the Rangers' feat makes Gothamist all the more curious about the state of the current Rangers team, once again captained by the ferocious Mark Messier who led the 93-94 team to the Cup (Game 6, Semi-Finals, with NJ hat trick!). The Rangers have been, to put it generously, sucking, while the New Jersey Devils have proven themselves to be a talented and consistent team, winning three Stanley Cups since 1995. Gothamist Sports Editor Tien points out that maybe Rangers owner Jim Dolan et al. just blow, but Gothamist just hopes that "19-94" doesn't become as infamous a taunt as "19-40" once was.

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