2006_01_smilbury.jpgThe Islanders cleaned house on Thursday announcing the firing of head coach Steve Sterling and the reassignment of GM Mike Milbury. Milbury will become a Senior Vice-President of the organization that owns the Islanders as soon as a new GM is found while Brad Shaw will become the interim coach for the rest of the season.

Sterling’s dismissal is not a surprise. The team has struggled all year and his decision to elevate Alexi Yashin to captain had blown up in his face. The bigger question is how can Milbury not only still have a job, but also get a promotion? Milbury has been GM for ten years and done nothing to make the Islanders better. He has hired and fired nine head coaches and even tried to sign Rick DiPietro to a ridiculous ten-year contract before the season started.

The biggest problem on Long Island is that Charles Wang, the Islanders owner, has obviously condoned Milbury’s incompetence. Wang stated that Milbury “…came to me and selflessly said that the time had come for a change in the general manager’s seat.” The fact that Milbury had to point that out Wang shows you just how lost the Islanders really are.

Photo by Gety Images via Tsn.ca