Only five days left until Turkey day! And you know what that means... Time to start to figure out exactly what you are going to do on the worst travel day of the year (assuming that, like us, you don't already know). Most of our friends are planning to do the standard "sleep late, go to the parents house, eat too much turkey, drink too much wine, pass out, wake up, eat leftovers" routine but what other options are there?

Well, one thing that a bunch of folks do on the day of the Turkey is go out to a restaurant to eat. While not quite as big a tradition as, say, Chinese-on-Christmas it is a tradition nonetheless. And if going out on Turkey day sounds up your alley, then this list of open restaurants is for you.

OK, but what about the big 'un. The Parade. Over the past few years the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (question: Did anybody else grow up thinking it was just the "Macy's Day Parade") has been going through a resurgence of popularity and this years parade looks to be as big as ever. Don't know where to watch the festivities from? Lucky for you, NYC.gov has a handy route map (or, of course, you can also just watch the whole thing from bed since NBC is telecasting it from 9-12, but that's neither here nor there).

Like the balloons but don't care for the Parade? You can always watch them blow up the balloons the night before. Just head over to the Museum of Natural History and you can't miss it (and don't worry, Gothamist will definitely remind you).

Can't wait till Thanksgiving to get here? Why not kill some time by learning how they create the parade floats and balloons. Or you can read up on the history off the holiday: For instance, did you know that Thanksgiving was held, until 1939, on the last Thursday of November instead of the third?