Gothamist has our guacamole and Tostitos with a Hint of LIme (best tortilla chip ever!) and we're ready to see if anything crazy happens during the game.

Pre game: Stevie Wonder and friends perform hits of Motown. Joss Stone, India.Arie, John Legend... Gothamist loves Stevie Wonder, but medleys hurt our heads. This is a nod to Detroit's heritage, but let's face it, the Stones are the halftime act because their fans are the attractive-to-advertisers demographic. Then Aaron Neville and Aretha Franklin sang the Star Spangled banner; the children's choir behind them is wearing red sweaters robes with white collared shirts and they looked like mini-Kanye Wests from a distance! The Super Bowl is saluting those who suffered during the Gulf Coast tragedy.

6:27PM: Kickoff. The Steelers are the favorite, but some of our friends are thinking Seattle could win. We're just going to work on eating some wings.

6:33PM: Right before Pittsburgh's first posession, Burger King unveiled their "Whopperettes" commercials, where a bevy of singing and dancing ladies wore glamorous outfits that made them look like onion slices, tomato slices, leaves of lettuce (sorta like a bad Project Runway challenge - a really literal one) - there's even mayonaise. There's a hamburger patty lady, a bottom bun lady...they all pile on top of each other (tastefully, not in a dirty fantasy way) and the top bun is Brooke Burke. It's actually pretty fun in a fever dream way.

6:39PM: Okay, the Bud Light magic fridge commercial is cute, but clearly, you need to put the revolving fridge in your own house. Also, did you notice how in the Sierra Mist commercial, Jim Gaffigan's glove was dirty? Finally, the ad for the Bruce Willis and Mos Def movie, 16 Blocks, looks by the book (big actioner) but it's set in NYC and involves a city bus getting really banged up.

6:43PM: The announcers mention Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau. Heh, Dick.

6:53PM: Did you see the Harrison Ford "Oh, The Places You Will Go" NFL spot in the pregame? He really needs to get rid of that earring.

6:58PM: Seattle scores first (field goal) AND there's a Leonard Nimoy for Alleve commercial. And Bud Light has almost had one commercial during each break. This break was the first "fooling the wife, but paying the price" commercial.

7:05PM: End of the first quater. Has anyone been watching the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet? We would, but our cat is trying to attack the buffalo wings and we're very concerned.

7:21PM: Shots of young girls, uncertain and self-hating...the music is a chorus of girls singing "True Colors" and yes, you have the Dove Self-Esteem Fund ad. We hope millions of fathers remembered they had daughters during that commercial! (We just bet the girls went to watch the game in the basement of a friend's house, whispering about which boy is the cutest).

7:43PM: Pittsburgh is up 7-3. And why have we only see Pittsburgh Steelers in these Super Bowl ads?

7:53PM: The first half just ended and we don't understand what just happened with the last 20 seconds, but this game is boring. We can only hope but not see that Mick's pants split during the halftime show.

Halftime show: Obviously, the Stone start with "Start Me Up." They are prancing and strutting around (except for Charlie, of course) on a big mouth and tongue. And the tongue is actually made of fabric, which disappears to reveal people in a mosh pit. The line "...make a dead man come" is just "...make a dead man." Then they played some new song, and ended with "Satisfaction." The guitars sound weird, but it's energetic. Fun fact: During the 1981 tour, Mick wore football jerseys and pants.

9:26PM: The Steelers got their third touchdown. It really seems like Seattle is getting a raw deal from the refs. That's what the papers will be talking about tomorrow.

10:15PM: The Steelers have won. Is this the most boring game ever?