2006_02_ssblogo.jpgIt’s the most over-hyped event in sports so it is fitting that this year it is known as Super Bowl XL. Pittsburgh and Seattle took different routes to get to Detroit, but both teams present a compelling case for why they can win the game.

Pittsburgh had to beat the #1, #2 and #3 seeds in the AFC on the road to get here, including a huge upset over heavily-favored Indianapolis in the conference semifinals. Ben Roethlisberger has shown incredible poise and command for a second-year player and the Steelers will count on another strong performance from him on Sunday. Jerome Bettis, a Detroit native, is playing in his final game and most of America will be rooting for him to leave the league with a ring on his finger.

We all through the brother of a Giants QB would be at this game, but we never thought it would be Matt Hasselbeck. Seattle was the best team in the NFC this year and took advantage of two relatively easy playoff games at home to get to Detroit. Shaun Alexander was the MVP of the league with an astounding 28 touchdowns, but he will face stiff opposition in the Steeler defense.

Gothamist thinks this will be the rare Super Bowl that lives up to the hype. Pittsburgh had a tougher road, but Seattle is a very dangerous team. Look for a nail-biter with Pittsburgh winning on a late field goal 27-24.

Will you be watching the game and if so, where? CNN has some ideas for those of you who want some other TV entertainment on Sunday night while Thrillist has some very cool and unique places to watch the game.