Mike Cameron; Photo: Barton Silverman/NY Times

There is nothing quite like backing into a series with a team that beat you six times last year, but that's exactly what the Mets are about to do. Yesterday afternoon, the Mets took on the Reds and all was going smoothly until a Ken Griffey Jr. fly ball in the 7th inning. Jose Reyes had a two-run homer, his first since late August of last season, and the Mets had a 1 run lead. Junior's fly ball was hit towards Mike Cameron and was subsequently lost in the sun.

The ball hit the side of Cameron's glove, three runs scored on the play, and the Mets went on to lose, 6-2 (box score). Cameron also went 0-4 with 3 strikeouts for the game and was booed by the Shea Stadium crowd of 23,827. After the game, he understood the treatment by the fans, "That just kind of tells you what they expect of you. I've got no problem with it. I botched a play out there - by far one of the toughest plays you have to deal with out there."

Gothamist has played some center field during softball games and it's not easy. Cameron is one of the best center fielders in the league and he simply lost the ball in the sun at the wrong time. Sadly, the fans forget the fact that he had two game winning hits last week. Such is life for the pro athlete in New York.