2006_12_sjetspack.jpgAfter not making anything easy through the season's first half, the Jets have punished two straight opponents. They stomped the Packers en route to a 38-10 win in Green Bay a week after they took care of the Texans at home. This game was as one-sided as the Jets have played in recent memory; they led 31-0 at the half and frustrated the Packers offense during the short time this game was close.

Anyone can take credit for the win. Chad Pennington completed over 70 percent of his passes and led three scoring drives in the second quarter alone. Cedric Houston punched it in twice and had over 100 yards rushing. The defense almost became the third team to shut out the Packers at Lambeau field this year.

The individual performances won't get the Jets to the playoffs. They'll need this type of effort every week as they go down the stretch. Their schedule couldn't be much easier. If they find themselves "clicking" -- Pennington's description -- like this every week, the playoffs aren't such a pipe dream anymore.

Photo of Packers fan Jeff Kahlow wearing a "cold costume" by AP/Mike Roemer