One of the most hideous games of the year will not be remembered as such. The Yankees came from behind to beat the Mets 5-4 on a two run Jason Giambi ninth-inning single. The win was much-needed for the Yankees, but their problems will not be erased by it.

Both teams had shoddy defense, but the Yankees', which has been dreadful all year, imploded again. Robinson Cano booted what should have been an inning-ending ground out, and Jason Giambi couldn't flip the ball to Tom Gordon on another routine play. Both happened after Tony Womack's poorly-traveled field trip in center field on a Chris Woodward double. By the time the inning ended, the Yankees had handed the Mets three runs.

It's no coincidence that Carl Pavano is leading the league in hits allowed. The Yankees could have the worst defense in baseball. Before they can turn it around, they need better options than Womack and Bernie Williams in center and Jason Giambi as a full time first baseman. Sunday's win was nice, but that they almost lost showed more about their team than the win itself.