Ty Wiggington; Photo: Ed Betz/AP

Coming off a season where they were swept by their cross-town rivals, who would think that the Mets could ever win a six game series against the Yankees and sweep a three game home stand. It seems as though the unthinkable happened on Sunday. For the first time since interleague play started, the Mets won the Subway Series against the Yankees. While they still trail in the lifetime matchup, that was of little consequence Sunday. Surprisingly, the Mets victories came with the help of their bats and not their pitching. They scored 27 runs in the 3 games at Shea Stadium, but only won by one run in the games on Saturday and Sunday.

Last week, Art Howe changed the rotation to save Tom Glavine, the Mets ace, for games against the Phillies and Marlins, giving them a chance to make progress in the NL East. While the interleague games may mean little in the standings, Cliff Floyd knows that fans love them. After Sunday's perfect ending, he said the following about Mets fans, "It isn't easy for those people. I know that. We know that. You got Yankees fans all around you, and they're a great team. It feels good to be able to give out fans something to feel good about. The way they support us, and the way the have to fight Yankees fans, they deserve this. They earned this. It's good to be a New York Mets fan right now."

That may be so, but the Mets now have to take care of business in the NL East. They have a string of games with the Phillies and Marlins with buoyed confidence from victories against the best team in baseball.